Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bargain Buys

My closet has been in need of a little summer update. I didn't buy any new pieces last year. I'd just had a baby, my body was all weird and I was staying inside most of the time anyway. There just wasn't any point. So this year I've really been craving some new items to place in my closet. My clothing budget isn't quite what it used to be and I'm not complaining one bit about that! I have a little boy to dress and truth be told, I'd much rather spend money on his clothes than my own! However, I'm a girl that loves fashion and I want to feel cute (on the days that I actually get dressed) too! My sidekick can't be the only one!! One day last week I decided to hit up Forever 21 to see what I could find. I stayed in there for about an hour and a half digging through all of their racks and ended up leaving with a sack full of new things for a super awesome price. I'm pretty excited about my new dresses that are not only cute but insanely comfortable as well (a must). These are two of my favorites that I walked away with. Take a look at the one on the left HERE and the one on the right HERE.
I also decided to pop in Old Navy to see what I could find. I tried on a lot of things but only fell in love with one dress. However, I loved it so much that I bought it in three different colors! Does anyone else do that when they love something so much or just me? And my Mom. This dress is seriously so awesome. I like that it has sleeves since most summer dresses don't. It's gathered at the waist which I feel like can sometimes be tricky but this hits at just the right spot to make it really flattering for any body type. I've dressed them up with heels for church and worn them with flip flops for every day. This dress is definitely my summer go-to. You can find it HERE.
And just for fun, I thought I'd tell you gals about the most comfortable shoe I've found in a long, long time. I snatched these up while I was on my shopping spree and I'm in lurve. They have an insanely cushy bottom and I could go hours wearing them without my feet hurting. If you want a fun new pump then these are the way to go! You can find them HERE

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