Monday, April 27, 2015

Easy Like Sunday Morning

We had a fun Saturday. We kicked it off by going to the Bentonville Farmers Market. I'm so excited that it's back! We enjoyed strolling around downtown and settled upon lunch at The Station Café again. We wanted to eat at one of the food trucks but they only have picnic tables for seating and I wasn't sure how we would do that with Campbell. I need to get a snack tray to attach to Campbell's stroller so we can try those out next time. The Station Café has high chairs (and I was seriously craving a burger) so the good ol' classic it was. After our outdoor lunch we walked around looking at all of the Farmers Market stands. We didn't get anything this time but I plan on loading up on a lot of vegetables once they become available.
We came home so Campbell could take a nap and once he woke up we played on our backyard patio and stayed there until it was time for Campbell to go to bed. Campbell got a water table for his birthday and he loves playing with it so it provides hours of outdoor entertainment for him.
Of course the girls were in heaven getting to be outside for so long. They were pretty thrilled with our decision to have an outdoor day.
On Sunday we went to the 9:30 service at our church so Scott and I could attend this class that we were wanting to do. We always go to the 11:00 service since Campbell naps at 9:00 every morning. I was a little worried about how that would work out with Campbell being in the nursery during his nap time. He goes to MDO at 9:00 but they know his routine and how to get him to nap so it isn't a big deal. I handed him off and told them the situation and that I would love it if he could get his nap but it was totally no big deal if he wouldn't nap for them. They told me they would try their best and when we handed Campbell off he didn't even cry. That makes 3 Sunday's in a row now! At MDO he actually reaches for his teachers when I drop him off! That does my Momma heart so much good. We went to our class and when we came back Campbell was sound asleep. They said he fell asleep almost immediately. We left him there to keep snoozing while Scott and I sat in the lobby of the church and had some coffee. Haha!
It's just so crazy how easy Campbell is these days. In the past he would have cried his little head off and there's no way the sweet people in the nursery could have gotten him to take a nap. Life with Campbell had to be so, so structured and we had to work so hard to keep him happy. Life is still pretty structured (we love our routine!!!) but if we get off on our schedule it doesn't really matter. Campbell just goes with the flow. It's so nice since he's never been a go with the flow kind of baby. It only took one year....well, probably more like ten months. :)

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