Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tulips, Pups & Push Toys

My tulips are in full bloom at my house and I love them! I didn't know if they would return or not and I'm so thrilled that they did. It was a nice surprise! I had planted the white, pink and purple bulbs when I was pregnant with Campbell. I decided to add some yellow to it this year and the yellow tulips are bright orange. Doesn't exactly fit the color scheme I had going on but since tulips are so pretty in general, I'll forgive them.
These two are going to the groomer today. It's their least favorite day of the month and they somehow always know where we're going and shake the entire car ride. I feel so bad for them but they look and smell so pretty afterwards and they know it too!!
These little peanut is cruising all over the house with his new push toys. He thinks he's such a big boy too. A one year old may be my favorite thing ever. This is such a fun age. While we were in Little Rock, my Mom's sock was laying on the floor. Campbell crawled over to it, held up his foot and tried to put the sock on. It was so funny! I thought it was pretty smart too. I know he's about to start doing all kinds of things like that and I can't wait! This is definitely going to be a fun year.

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