Thursday, May 28, 2015


My poor little guy has been a sick boy the last few days. He has been sneezing and coughing with the puffiest red eyes and the runniest nose. It started over the weekend and on Monday he was soooo pitiful. Scott, Mom and I had to work so hard to get him to fall asleep that night and I honestly thought I was going to have to put him in the bed with me. He just wanted to be held because he felt so bad. On Tuesday morning I took Campbell to the doctor and they prescribed him some antibiotics and he woke up feeling like his normal self today.
Can you believe this is the first time Campbell has been sick? He got that terrible stomach bug in January but this is the first respiratory illness he's ever had. The doctor was pretty impressed that we made it 14 months. I've been wondering how much my little peanut weighs and I'm happy to report he is all the way up to the 14th percentile weighing in at 19 pounds and 12 ounces. Campbell has never been over the 7th percentile before this last weigh-in so it was pretty exciting that he made it to the teens. Ha!
He is busy, busy, busy these days and into everything, everywhere. Campbell is still just as sweet as can be and is currently very into reading books and eating bread. He sleeps with a pillow now, still wears 6-12 month clothes and knows the difference between Ivy and Madison (some adults can't even figure that out!). Campbell still isn't talking yet, just babbling, but I'm hoping that will start happening in the next month or two.
I'm glad my little boy woke up feeling better today. This morning he made up for his sick days by being extremely active. I was worn out by 8:45! We may have to go do something extra fun today since he's feeling so good and apparently needs to burn off a lot of energy.

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