Thursday, May 14, 2015


Campbell had MDO today and for the first time in like, ever I had absolutely nothing to do. I decided to go to Barnes and Noble and pick out a few new books for Campbell. He is SUPER into books right now, especially the touch and feel ones. We don't have many touch and feel books so I grabbed a few new ones since they seem to be his favorite at the moment. I love, love that he is so into books. We read before bedtime every night now and always end with his two favorites, Moo Baa La La La and Doggies.
On Sunday Campbell said his first real word!!! Mom and Dad were getting ready to leave and Dad was waving to Campbell and said "bye bye Campbell" and Campbell looked at his Pops, waved his hand and said "bye bye." We all gasped and clapped and cheered so loud!! It just gets more and more fun! Of course Campbell hasn't said it since. Why do babies do something and then not do it again for soooo long?
Campbell and I have nothing on our agenda for tomorrow. We may end up having pajama day.

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