Tuesday, May 19, 2015

First Steps

Something pretty exciting happened in our house on Sunday night. Campbell took his very first steps! Yay Campbell!!
I was completely shocked to see it happen because it totally came out of nowhere. Campbell cruises furniture like crazy and he loves walking (running!) with his push toys but I still thought we were so far away from walking unassisted. I just so happened to be on FaceTime with my Mom and Scott was showing her how Campbell could walk holding onto just one of our hands---something he had just started doing.
So Scott stood Campbell up and held his hands then he let go and Campbell just stood there by himself for such a long time--the longest he's ever stood on his own. We were super excited about that so we started clapping for him then suddenly he just started walking towards me. Not one or two steps but like, ten steps!! He just kept going. It was such a thrill because I literally did not see that coming. It was so cool that we were on FaceTime and my Mom watched it all happen. I totally cried because I'm that Mom who cries at stuff like that.
Now we've been practicing a lot with Campbell and he'll take 2-3 steps at a time. He obviously prefers crawling still as his way of getting around but now I know that walking is just right around the corner. I think he feels more confident to try it now so we'll just keep on working until he gets it down. Although I'm not in any major hurry because crawling is still just the cutest thing in the world to me! I'm glad Campbell's crawled for a long time so I could enjoy that little stage for a few months instead of a few weeks like some babies.
Sorry, I know that was super detailed but I wanted to be able to write it down for my memory. Life with Campbell is just so fun and exciting right now. I can't believe I'll be having a walking baby around my house soon.

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