Thursday, May 7, 2015


This photo melts me. I think it's just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen!! Campbell is getting cozy with his bear lately and I love it. I secretly hope he gets super attached to this little bear but I'm not pushing it. Nor am I discouraging it. Earlier this week I was reading about when babies get attached to transitional objects and a lot of what I read said 6-12 months. That seems awfully young to me. Of course I also read that a lot of thumb suckers don't get attached to transitional objects. Since Campbell is serious about sucking his two middle fingers, he may not get attached to anything. When did your little ones get attached to a stuffed animal or blanket? I'm just curious to know when this typically happens.
Campbell was giving his Mickey Mouse some good lovin' this week as well. He sings the Hot Dog song which, as you can imagine, is incredibly delightful to Campbell. What would we do without Mickey Mouse?
The girls got groomed this week. Gracie is here with us so she had to go to the spa as well. The second we got home Grace ran to Campbell's chair and plopped in it. You probably had to be there but it was really cute and funny.


  1. Mine both INSTANTLY got attached to theirs when they first found them in their toys. Both times it was right after they started to sit up and play on their own.... So probably 6-8mo.

    1. Interesting. I never get Campbells bear out of his crib. I should probably start doing that so he can play with it more!! (Duh)