Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Warm Fuzzies

We've had a pretty low key week around here so far. Yesterday Campbell and I had "pajama day" as my nephew, Landon, calls it. We didn't leave the house all day except for a visit to the Chick Fil A drive through and it was really refreshing to just be home and do nothing.
Last night we were hanging out in our bonus room upstairs. I was throwing a ball and the girls kept fetching it. Campbell got SO tickled by it and just giggled and giggled watching them run after the ball. It melted me. When I was pregnant, I always imagined Campbell would laugh at his sisters doing something like that and to be in that moment watching it happen made my heart so happy. Sometimes--a lot of times--I just get overwhelmed by how sweet life is right now. I love this stage of life for me.
Campbell has this toy with a phone on it and he picks the phone up and holds it to his ear. I think it's so super cute when he does that! Seriously, I know I'm probably annoying you with my sappiness but I can't get enough of his little age. It is so much fun right now and soooo much easier than it used to be. I used to always be so worn out and now I can't believe how easy it is. I'm enjoying it because I'm sure the toddler stuff with kick in soon and I'll be emotionally and mentally worn out again!!! I keep praying that Campbell will be an easy toddler for me since he was such a hard baby. I feel like that's kind of fair but seeing as how life isn't always fair I'm not holding my breath.
Campbell is at MDO today and I have a lot to do while he's there. It's his last MDO for the fall/spring session. We get a two week break then he's going to do a summer session for 6 weeks. It's been so great for him and for me too. I love how much his teachers love on him and all of the other babies in his class. Okay, better hop off. Lots to do today!!


  1. Kara--I've been looking into trying MDO for my little chickadee and have had the hardest time finding any information online or via Cross Church facebook page. I would really like to get signed up! How did you go about signing up? Thank you!

    1. Hey girl! I take campbell to Fellowship. If you want to look into their program just go to the website and type in Adventureland in the search bar. You can create an account and get signed up. They have a summer session that lasts 6 weeks then the fall session starts in September. It's all on a first come, first serve basis. If you have any questions you can email the MDO director, Lori. She's really sweet.
      I don't know if cross church has a MDO program. My friend takes her little girl to First United Methodist & I've also heard great things about the Nazarene program as well. Good luck! I hope you can find an opening somewhere. It's so nice having a few hours to do whatever you want every week.