Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Naps & Hydrangeas

Campbell has a lot going on in his little life these days. He's gotten two new teeth this week, he's almost a full time walker, and he's dropped his two naps and moved to just one. The one nap is like, a major serious bummer for me. I tried as hard as I could to keep the two naps around as long as possible. I was hoping and wishing that he would be one of those two year olds that still took two naps a day....or that he would at least hold onto them until fall. Our lifestyle just fit so perfectly with that morning and afternoon nap. Now we're in the awkward stage of not needing two naps but one isn't quite sufficient either.
I like routine and structure. I like how predictable Campbell's nap schedule was before. Now we're just all over the place and I feel like our schedule is wacky. Sometimes Campbell is ready for a nap at 9:00 like normal but then I try to give him an afternoon nap and he won't take it. So he starts falling apart on me a solid 2 hours before bedtime. Sometimes he takes a nap around noon so we're pretty good for the rest of the day. I always feel pretty confident about how baby sleep schedules work but then I'm reminded that whenever Campbell changes his routine it leaves me scratching my head and takes me a few weeks before I get it all figured out again. I just need to pick a new nap time and stick to it. I guess I'm still holding out hope that he'll go back to two naps again!!
If I'm being perfectly honest, my biggest reason for loving the morning nap is because I am not a morning person. We're in our pajamas in this house until it's time to get ready for lunch. I would lay Campbell in his crib, then crawl back in bed and watch Kelly & Michael and The View. And I'd be lying to you if I said I never took a little nap myself sometimes because, why not? I guess my quiet mornings alone are forever and ever no longer in existence. Such a bummer.
I planted five hydrangea bushes on the side of my house right when we moved in, four years ago. Last year was the first year that they were really looking good. I've always heard it takes three years for a new plant or tree to really show off and I guess that's true. This year my hydrangeas are so amazing. They have blooms bigger than my head and it makes me do a little happy dance. I love cutting a few and bringing them into the house. It makes me appreciate them even more knowing I grew them myself!


  1. I am SO glad you wrote about naps! I'm trying to figure out the napping thing for an 8mo old. If you can remember, when Campbell was about that age, when were his nap times? Brinnley is waking up earlier than ever(5:15AM!!!) and I am starting to think her last nap of the day was too late therefore it was interfering with her 12 hours of sleep that she was typically getting. I love asking other mommas that follow schedules for thoughts and opinions

    1. Campbell has always woken up at 7:00(ish) and he would nap at 9:00 for an hour & a half to two and then nap again around 2:00-3:00 for the same amount of time. He's always gone to bed around 7:30.
      Campbell goes through phases where he wakes up early. I always just leave him in his crib until 7:00 #meanmommy unless he's crying hysterically of course.
      You could always try pushing her bedtime back by 30 minutes to see if that helps. That's what I do when Campbell goes through phases of waking up early. I always feel like the bright sunlight is to blame!! Even though we have really dark curtains, it still wakes him up sometimes....or I think it does anyway. It wakes me up!