Thursday, July 30, 2015

Campbell at 16 Months

Campbell turned 16 months old on Sunday. After church we ate lunch close to Crystal Bridges and afterwards we decided to pop over there really quickly to take some picture of our peanut. I love how they turned out! They are some of my favorite photos to date. So at 16 months old, what is our little peanut up to?
Campbell absolutely loves stacking blocks. He stacks as tall as his arms can reach. He's been stacking blocks really tall since he was about 12 months old but he is super, super into it these days. After he stacks his blocks, he nests them into one another then starts the process all over again. It reminds me of the kids who are professional cup stackers. Maybe he'll be one of those one day! 
Campbell is still a great eater. He doesn't eat everything I give him like he used to, but for the most part he'll eat almost anything. I'm no longer having to chop up food really small for Campbell which is so awesome. I just hand him whatever and he has at it. He has 7 teeth now.
Campbell can understand basically everything I'm saying now. I ask him to do (or not do) things and he always does what I ask. He has his own little way of letting me know what he does and doesn't want. He will repeat a lot of words I say but then won't ever say them again. Yesterday he said "Madison" and I clapped and was so proud and tried to get him to say it again but he won't. Of course. He always likes to wave and say "hi" and "bye" to people. Except he says Bye with a D so he waves and says "Die" which makes me laugh. The other day I was getting dinner ready and he was STARVING and whiny so I said "Campbell are you hungry? Do you want to eat?" which is what I always say to him and he always responds by giving me a hug. So I said "okay go over there and get your chair and bring it to me" and he did.
Campbell has had a crazy huge growth spurt. Clothes that fit him perfectly 2 weeks ago are suddenly very snug. I also had to order him all new shoes because his got too small literally over night. I'm holding out on buying any new summer clothes and just wanting to make due with what we have until the summer is over. Some outfits have been put aside because there is no hope into ever fitting into them again. I've spent many evenings moving the buttons on his Jon Jon's down which helps us get some longer use out of them. I can't believe this growth spurt. He did this at just about the exact same time last year and I was in the same clothing predicament then too!

Just when I think I couldn't fall more in love with this little guy, I do. I absolutely cannot get enough of him. He is so delightful and sweet. I absolutely adore this stage and find myself wanting time to just stand still. Campbell brings me so much joy. What a pleasure it is to be his Mommy.

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