Monday, July 6, 2015

Firecracker Fourth

I had a wonderful July 4th weekend. I always do, but this year was my favorite to date because of my little peanut who had such a good time at our annual neighborhood event.
Our neighborhood has an Independence Day party every year called Firecracker Fourth and it's always a lot of fun. Campbell was too little to enjoy it last year but this year he loved it. My parents make us shirts every year for the event and Campbell looked so adorable in his! Scott got him dressed for me and when he came downstairs, I couldn't handle the cuteness. I don't know if it was the American Flag moccs, the seersucker shorts, or the shirt that my parents made.....or a combination of it all......but it's seriously one of my favorite outfits ever.
The event is kicked off by a bicycle parade. Everyone decorates their bikes, wagons, strollers, golf carts, etc and makes a lap around the neighborhood. The kids always look so adorably festive and I'm always so impressed with everyones decorations! This was Campbells favorite part of the day, hands down. While we were waiting to get started, Campbell walked up to everyone and "talked" so loudly to them. He wasn't sure what was going on but he knew he loved it. Scott and I were so tickled by his excitement.
After the parade we came home and got ready to head to the pool. I wanted to make sure we got some shots of Campbell in his smocked, American flag swimsuit before we left and somehow Campbell received a memo that he needed to get all GQ on us. We were so cracked up watching him model. He did all of these poses for us in one full motion and we knew that after just 4 clicks, we were golden.
After our photo shoot, we went to the pool to hang out with our neighbors and eat some hotdogs. Campbell only had fun at the pool for a little bit but he did enjoy eating, of course. After lunch it was Campbell's naptime and I went back out to the pool. All of the days activities, and the week of planning leading up to it, suddenly hit me and I retreated back home to take a nap. Scott and I hung out with our little stud at home for the rest of the day and after we put him to bed, we ended the day with an awesome neighborhood firework show.
My fourth couldn't have been more fun. I'm so grateful to live in the best, most fun neighborhood! I wouldn't want to spend the day anywhere else. I'm lucky to have made such wonderful friends here. What a wonderful day where so many fun memories were created. God bless the USA!!! Thankful to live in this awesome country.

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