Thursday, July 9, 2015


Campbell went to his last day of MDO for the summer session today. I was really hoping to spend my free day basking in the sun but it has been pouring down rain every day this week. Rude. My tan is fading and I'm just a little bit sad about that.
I always let Campbell walk into his classroom. Usually he starts walking towards it then pauses and lets out a little cry and looks at me like "don't leave me Mom!" It makes me so sad but thankfully he gets over it in less than 60 seconds. Today he just walked right in and didn't even turn around to say bye to me. This busy boy was on a mission to play with a cute girl and her fun toy. It tickled me. Of course he does this the last day of MDO. We'll have to get adjusted all over again in the fall. Typical.
I spent my day attempting to get a lot accomplished and while I was out, I decided to pick up some legos for Campbell. Since he loves putting his fine motor skills to the test, I figured he would enjoy these. Campbell definitely loves stacking them but they aren't as steady as his normal blocks. Once they reach a certain height they get top heavy and tilt over. Other than that, Campbell likes his new toy. I'm not sure I've ever seen a baby enjoy stacking as much as he does. It's definitely entertaining to watch!!


  1. Seems like y'all have a little builder/contractor on your hands!

    1. Maybe so! Following in his Daddy's footsteps :)