Monday, August 10, 2015

Cousin Time!!

Last week Campbell's cousins came up to hang out with him and he had such a great time having them here! My brother had some work stuff to do in NWA so the rest of the gang decided to tag along and hang out. It was so fun! My SIL and I decided to go to the new Amazeum one day so the kiddos could play and have fun. Campbell and I have been once before and had been looking forward to going back.
They all had such a fun time! The Amazeum lives up to it's name for anyone that lives in/around the area and hasn't visited yet. There's so much to do and so much to see.
Here's Landon pretending to be a Walmart cashier!! He LOVED the Amazeum. I felt bad because between the two littles nap times, we only had about an hour and a half to enjoy it. He could have been there for at least double the time having an absolute blast. When we were leaving, he was already asking when he would be able to come back.
Little Miss Avery celebrated a major milestone while we were at the Amazeum---she started crawling!! We knew it was coming soon and she must have gotten enough excitement and energy in her bones to get moving. Her Momma caught it on video and I was so thrilled to be able to watch it happen! So exciting! Nothing cuter than a crawling baby!!
We did some other fun stuff while the cousins were in town including a trip to Dilly Dally's--our local toy store and possibly the most fun toy store ever! But mostly we just hung out in the playroom. Kyle and Jenn offered to let Scott and I have a date night one night so that was a special treat. We tried out a new restaurant in downtown Bentonville and it was delicious! I love our little town. There's so many cool things to do here.
Campbell, Scott, and I loved having everyone come to visit us! I told Jenn that we need to do it more often. Campbell already thinks Landon is super cool (I can't go on enough about how sweet Landon is to him) and he's really loving his younger cousin too. I'm pretty certain that Campbell and Avery will be super best buddies one day and Campbell will always think that Landon is the coolest kid ever.

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