Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Campbell's First Razorback Tailgate

I've mentioned previously that we took Campbell to his very first Razorback tailgate on Saturday. Scott and I have been looking forward to taking Campbell to tailgate for so long now!! It never worked out last year mostly because of nap schedules and we got lucky for this game because it just so happened to work out perfectly with Campbell's schedule since it was an afternoon game.
(this is how Campbell signs "more" and it's so incorrect but totally cute to me)

We got to the tailgate around 11:00. It was hot but not too terrible especially under the big tailgate tent. I assumed Scott and I would have to take turns chasing Campbell the entire time since our little man never sits still these days. Since it was Campbell's lunch time, I fixed him a little plate of food and he sat in a chair eating and soaking in everything for such a long time. It was so nice because Scott and I both actually felt like we could enjoy ourselves and socialize with friends instead of chase a toddler the entire time. 
I feel as if this photo would make a perfect meme for Razorback football. I'm just not clever enough to come up with one. It cracks me up. 
This is where Campbell sat while he people watched and gave high fives to everyone who asked for one. Occasionally he would get down and roam but he never strayed from our little area. He kept that water bottle and chip in his hand the entire two hours we were there. 
I couldn't have asked for a better tailgate with Campbell! We got lucky with the timing of the game because it was right during Campbell's nap time. We would love to take him back if the timing works out. Campbell had such a fun time tailgating and he was really mesmerized when the Razorback band came around to play. He thought that was really neat! Scott and I left about an hour before the game started, put Campbell down for his nap right away then watched the first game of the season. Hoping for a fun, exciting and winning year with Razorback football!!

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