Thursday, September 3, 2015

Days Like This

Yep. It's been one of those days folks. I woke up this morning bursting with energy. It's a rarity. I decided to be super mom and have a fun day with my little guy. We were up and out of the door by 9:00. That happens (willingly) maybe 3 times a year. Not much opens before 10 am but I knew Barnes and Noble would be. Campbell loves it there and I thought we could both use a new book. We got there and everyone knew it! Campbell doesn't have an inside voice. He had so much fun playing with the train table while I was trying to focus on what new book I should get him. Before I knew it he started falling apart on me and I literally have no idea why. I ran to the bathroom--with my hand covered over his mouth to mask the screaming--to try to get him to pull it together. We got in the bathroom, I looked at him and said "what is the matter with you" to which he replied by giving me a kiss. Aww. Okay then. I went to my section, grabbed the book I've been wanting to read, and we got outta there.
We popped in Homegoods since it's close by and Campbell was such a sweet little shopping buddy. He allowed me to take my time and and waved and said hi to anyone who looked his direction.
After that I wanted to pop in a baby boutique to quickly grab a gift for a friend who recently had a baby. Before I knew it I was marching out of the store, holding a toddler with tears streaming down his face, and calling his Daddy to ask him why?????
The Chick Fil A lunch plans instantly got axed and we headed straight home instead. We retreated to our bonus room, I laid on the couch to de-stress and wait on Scott to get home so I could peace out. There's days where your husband must be called in for backup, without questioning you, and today was one of those days.
While I was giving Campbell his bath tonight, I couldn't help but laugh. Probably because he took his  bath rinsing cup and poured water all over me soaking every bit of my left side. This was after he threw his towel in the tub full of water and demanded every single bath toy be put in there with him because of course. Like, OMG!!!!! my life is crazy. But today he learned how to say "Mooo" when I asked him "what does the cow say?" so I think that perfectly sums up how life with a toddler goes. Sending out an SOS to the husband one minute, and a few minutes later clapping so proudly because your kid said Moo.


  1. Just wait until there's more my friend. Then you'll really be losing your $&!% LOL! My husband thinks I'm a lunatic, but these dang kids will do that to ya!! I hope you had a better day today. "Those days" are the wooooorst!

    1. I have no idea how you do it. I want another one (or two!) desperately but every time I think about it I get anxiety. I guess you just have to do it but omg there's no doubt I'll suffer from craziness!!! Scott tells me all the time he fears for my sanity whenever we welcome another one into this world. And yes, today has been much better!! :)