Thursday, September 10, 2015

MDO, Baths & Casseroles

We've had a busy and fun day today! This morning our MDO held an open house for us to go and meet Campbell's new teachers. I was very anxious to meet them and see what his classroom would be like. Right when we walked in the door I knew I was going to be so happy with everything this year. The toys for him to play with are so great and the teachers (insert heart eye emoji)!!! I love, love, love Campbell's teachers this year. One lady has been there for decades and I have found that I absolutely adore the sweet ladies who have been doing MDO for that long. They clearly have a heart for it and they know what they're doing better than I do! We stayed for 30 minutes and they wrote down all kinds of info/details about Campbell that I could think to give them. He's made up his own sign language for "more" and "food/hungry/eat" and they wanted to know all about that so they would be able to communicate with him easily. They gave me a letter detailing everything they would be doing during the day and I've hung it on my refrigerator so I can always know what Campbell is doing and when. I just feel so great about it all and that is such a wonderful blessing! I'm very excited for this "school" year.
Right when we were finished with our open house we headed straight to the Amazeum for a fun play date! We go to the Amazeum all the time and it never gets old. This time Campbell was especially having so much fun with the diner area.
I'm trying my hardest to find Madison and Ivy a Halloween costume (you know they can't be left out!!) and I am really struggling this year. Also, Ivy has decided she doesn't know how to get on the bed anymore. I have no idea why. She wakes me up about 4 times a night asking for help to get up. I'm tired of my sleep getting disturbed so I bought her some of those pet stairs yesterday and she used them all night long. It's a little odd since those are for older dogs and Ivy is only 3 but whatever. I can tell she's embarrassed about it. When I was practicing with her yesterday afternoon, she had a look of shame on her face. Bless her heart! I hope this helps solve whatever the problem is. I know she can get up on the bed but I'm wondering if it hurts her to do it. I may have to take her in just to check and make sure everything with her little joints are okay.
Campbell has always loved his bath but it is super fun these days now that I've started putting these fun lights in his tub. I've had these "ice cubes" that light up in all different colors since I was in college. You can put them in a drink or punch bowl for an extra little fun. I thought Campbell would enjoy having them in his bath and boy does he. From cocktails to toddler baths. Ahh how times have changed!
Campbell is slowly but surly starting to get more picky on me. He used to eat anything I gave him and he doesn't anymore. It's so frustrating! He loves all fruit, yogurt and bread/pasta/rice. Oh and quesadillas but who doesn't? Campbell will still eat anything if I hide it in a casserole or quiche so apparently we're going to have to start eating that way a lot more than I'd prefer to. Tonight I made a chicken, rice and green bean casserole and he ate two big bowls of it. If I laid out all of those items separately on his tray, he would have only eaten the rice. Go figure.

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