Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lazy Day

Today was a lazy day where Campbell and I laid around and did nothing, never leaving the house.
Those days are nice to have occasionally. I usually feel super bad about myself when I do that but I didn't today. I guess I needed a break from the typical daily life of errands and chores and even just putting makeup on. I finally managed to get Campbell and myself out of our pajamas around noon. When Campbell took a nap, the girls and I decided to curl up together and take a nap also. When we all woke up, Campbell and I decided to hang out in the bonus room, share a bowl of apples and watch some cartoons together.
I love that my little boy will cuddle with me. It seems like most toddlers are too busy for that but Campbell loves curling up in my lap. I treasure his sweetness. And his appreciation for an occasional lazy day with his Momma.

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