Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you had a great day! Our Thanksgiving Day was great and it feels like the festivities are only getting started. We're headed to Little Rock tomorrow to continue on!!
Our day started early!! Campbell must have known he had a fun day ahead of him because he woke up at 6:50--about 45 minutes earlier than he usually does. Dislike. But I'll forgive him. I grabbed my little peanut from his crib and made my boys and girls a yummy Thanksgiving breakfast! We all crawled back in bed and watched a little bit of the Macy's Parade before we started getting ready for the day.
We had lunch at Scott's mom's house. Campbell had so much fun playing with his cousins. They're quite a bit older than he is but they were so sweet to him and he had a blast! My MIL got this photo of Campbell playing outside in the leaves and I think it's so cute!
Shortly after lunch it was time for Campbell's nap (and mine too!) so we went home to rest up before Scott's Dad came over for dinner. For the first time I made everything from scratch. I've been cooking for days! I actually make all of our holiday meals from scratch except I always get the dressing catered because I've never made it before and a local place here makes the yummiest dressing. However, I waited too late to order it so I decided to just make my own. I figured it wouldn't be a big deal. I know my way around the kitchen so I knew I could handle it with no problems.
I don't know what I did but it was a major fail. I didn't even serve it. I was very irritated with myself but thankfully Scott and his Dad weren't the least bit concerned. We had plenty of yummy dishes to indulge in but the dressing is my favorite part so I was pretty bummed out.
It was just the four of us--simple but nice. Once my FIL left I put Campbell to bed then made desserts to take to Little Rock tomorrow. Needless to say, I'm exhausted! Being a woman during the holidays is hard work!
To say I'm thankful for these three would be an understatement! I love my babies with my whole heart. All three of them bring me joy, happiness, laughter and endless smiles!! I'm blessed with a sweet little family and I can't wait to see the rest of my family and spend the weekend with them! Days with all of my families are the best days!!

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