Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Well we are back home from all of our Thanksgiving festivities! We had a great weekend in Little Rock. We loaded up very early on Friday morning and headed to my parents house. We were a little unsure of how Campbell would do. We like to time our car trips around his nap time so he'll sleep for half of the ride but we wanted to get on the road early so we decided to hope for the best. Campbell did amazing. I hope I don't jinx our road trips by saying this but he really is such a great little car rider. As long as Mickey Mouse is on the iPad, he's good to go. He quietly watched 3 hours of Mickey without making so much as a peep. So proud of my little guy! I think three hours is his limit though because right as we take the exit to my parents house he starts getting a little restless. 
The girls are great little car riders too and always have been. They just switch back and forth between my lap and Scotts and do their best to get a good nap in to make the trip go by quicker!!
We had an early Thanksgiving dinner on Friday and a lot of my family came up to celebrate with us. It was Avery's first Thanksgiving so she wore Gamma's "First Thanksgiving" bib. It looks as if the bib is going to get used three years in a row which I think is fun. Campbell and Avery enjoyed their dinner together a little earlier than the rest of us and they looked so cute doing it. It sure is fun having two babies in the house!
The meal was delicious and I was miserably full after it was all over. The rest of our weekend was spent mostly indoors since it poured down rain literally the entire time we were there. 
Campbell and Avery had fun being together this weekend. These little buddies always do! I can't wait until they're both just a little bit bigger and are talking and actually play together. It will be so much fun watching them!!
For now they both enjoy standing at that one toy that plays music that they both enjoy dancing to. And they both feel it's necessary to put their faces right up to the TV while Mickey is on because apparently that's the best way to watch it. 
Thanksgiving was great! Now it's time to move on to Christmas!! One of these days I'm going to get my house decorated for it. 

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