Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

We've had a wonderful Christmas Day! We spent the day in Little Rock with my family. We drove down yesterday afternoon and got here in time for dinner with everyone. We celebrated my nieces actual 1st birthday then put our little peanut down for bed (late! 9:30, whoops!!) and started building presents and getting set up for the kiddos to see what Santa brought them.
Campbell slept until 9:00 since he went to bed so late. It was kind of nice! Scott and I lounged in bed then decided we would go ahead and get dressed since our peanut was still asleep. By the time I finished getting dressed, Campbell had just woken up and was ready to go downstairs to see what Santa got him.
I wish I had on film the look on Campbell's face when he saw all of the toys that were sitting out. His eyes got so big and he just turned around and looked at us with this sweet, happy look on his face like "do you guys see this?!!!" I hope I never forget that sweet look.
It was all a bit overwhelming for Campbell. There was so much going on and I think it stressed him a little. He wanted to just open a toy and play with it and got frustrated if we tried to make him move on to unwrapping the next gift. Eventually I decided to just stop with the presents and let him be so he could enjoy himself. Needless to say, it took us quite a few hours before we finally tore into all of the presents which honestly, made the day pretty fun.

Campbell has so many new toys to play with! Santa was so good to him. Scott and I don't know where to put everything. It's hard to say what his favorite is so far. He's really enjoyed this stacking toy (of course) that he got to open on Christmas Eve. He also likes to scoot around on his new Radio Flyer and stick his snacks in the little basket in the front. He got a doctor kit and he knew exactly what to do with the stethoscope which really tickled us!!
We had a big breakfast after our presents and Mom made a delicious cheese ball for us to snack on all day until dinner later in the evening. I took a quick cat nap while Campbell took a long nap. A few family photos and dinner later and it's time to call it a night.
Today was so great. My little boy has so many fun new toys to play with!! My girls have some fun new toys too! Campbell had an exciting day and I feel blessed to be able to spend this day with my family. Merry Christmas everyone!

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