Thursday, January 28, 2016

Day Out

Campbell went back to MDO today and he was so happy to be there! He didn't take a nap which is so unlike him. I think he was too excited to be able to settle down. I snapped this picture of him right before we walked out the door. He had to finish his breakfast in the car because sometimes he gets so busy playing in the morning and it takes him forever to finish his food. He looked so cute to me today. I planned on getting the camera out to snap some photos of him later this afternoon but that doesn't always work out and before I knew it, the sun was down. This picture will have to do!
I spent my free day running around town with my Mom. We went to Target, had lunch, then popped by a local toy store to look for some birthday presents for Campbell. His 2nd birthday is in less than two months which is just so crazy to me!! I need to start doing a little birthday party planning. His birthday is on a Saturday this year and I'm planning on having his party that day. I think it will be so fun to celebrate him on his actual birthday!
Until tomorrow!

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