Thursday, January 21, 2016


We've had a rough few days around here. Today my poor little boy was diagnosed with RSV. He seemed to be just fine until late Tuesday night but I didn't really think much of it. He started coughing--again--for the 3rd time in about 3 months and I thought to myself "great, here we go again." I knew that the only way to get rid of this cough was with some antibiotics so I called first thing Wednesday morning to try to get him in with the doctor but they didn't have any availability. I just hung up and thought I'd just see how our day went and call again in the morning if it didn't get any better. When Campbell woke up from his afternoon nap he looked terrible. I immediately swept him up and took him to a walk-in clinic.
While we were waiting for the doctor I noticed how quickly his stomach was contracting. I was so thankful that Scott was able to meet me there. The doctor walked in and his eyes went straight to Campbell's little tummy. He asked us to take his shirt off so he could watch it. They tested him for the flu and pneumonia and they both came back negative. However, they weren't able to test for RSV there. The doctor kept leaving the room and coming back in and I could always hear him through the walls tell a nurse "this kiddo is really, really sick" which stressed me out especially since he kept saying it over and over!!! After checking his oxygen levels (normal) and temp (102.5) they sent us home with a prescription for a zpack and an inhaler and encouraged us to go see our regular ped the next day.
The rest of the evening my little man just wanted me to hold him. He went to bed at his usual time and Scott and I checked on him all night long. Around midnight we were both in his room while I was rocking Campbell. We debated back and forth if we should take him to the ER. We were just so unsure of what to do! His temp was back up to 102 and his little stomach was contracting 40 times every 45 seconds. The doctor told us 40 or more in a minute is too much. After a lot of back and forth we ultimately decided to let Campbell sleep and we set our alarms all night to take turns checking on him.
First thing this morning I called and was able to get in with our pediatrician. We took him in (my poor child is absolutely traumatized by doctors and nurses at this point) and he tested positive for RSV. There isn't really much we can do for it but wait it out. His stomach isn't contracting like it was although occasionally it will for just a little bit. He's super clingy and won't let me out of his sight and pretty much demands to be held all day long. He's been sleeping great and we've been able to keep his temp down so that's good.
As we were leaving the doctors office he picked out a sticker with a hamster on it (interesting choice) and we've been taking it easy since. It's definitely been a stressful few days that's for sure. But overall my little buddy is a pretty good trooper. He's hardly eaten and he looks so skinny to me but he's still found some energy to play with his toys. Mostly we've just been laying around watching Disney Jr.
I'm hoping that before the weekend is over, my little guy is feeling and acting like his old self again.

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  1. Awe Poor Baby!!! Breaks my heart! I will say I love the last picture with his hand behind his head. So cute!