Monday, January 18, 2016

Snow Dust

We woke up this morning to a really pretty dusting of snow! It took me by surprise. I love snowy mornings. I made Campbell some pancakes (and by made I mean microwaved some frozen pancakes) and we stayed warm inside while enjoying the view of the white outside.
After our lazy morning I decided it would be a good idea for us to load up and have lunch and playtime at Chick Fil A. All of the other moms thought that would be a good idea too. Campbell ate 3 nuggets (a record!) and had the most fun he's ever had playing at CFA. He actually decided to climb up the jungle gym but he, of course, stayed far away from the tunnels and tunnel slide. I think he may be claustrophobic. He refuses any sort of tunnel. He made me laugh so hard because he kept climbing up the stairs/jungle gym but he didn't want to finish it out by going through the tunnel and down the slide so he would let out a little scream then yell "I stuck!" Everyone was laughing so hard at him. I kept telling him to stop going up the stairs if he kept getting "stuck" but he never would listen so me and more than once I actually had to climb up and into the play place myself because Campbell was extra "stuck." #momlife
Now we're home, Campbell is napping, and I'm about to be productive around this house. Until tomorrow!

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