Monday, February 22, 2016

Bubbles and Sidewalk Chalk

The weather here in NWA these past few days has been nothing short of amazing. I can't even tell you how much time we've spent soaking it up. We pretty much lived outside all weekend and it was so refreshing. I found some fun goodies in the dollar bins at Target (I love those things) and we were able to enjoy playing with them over the weekend. Campbell attempted to blow bubbles for the first time. It's pretty cute watching him try to do it! I decided I need to get a bubble machine for us to play with outside because I think Campbell would LOVE it.  
We also had fun playing with sidewalk chalk! It's kinda messy though which sends my OCD into overdrive. What doesn't though? I thought my OCD and need for cleanliness/neatness would be forced to calm down once I had kids but it hasn't.

Scott and I got to enjoy a rare date night on Saturday which was such a treat! We never get date nights but my MIL offered to watch Campbell so we took her up on it. We sat on the patio of On The Border and had a casual but yummy dinner. We really need to attempt more date nights in the coming months. If we think they're rare now they're going to be extra, extra rare once summer and baby Bennett gets here.
We rounded out our weekend with church and a walk around the crystal bridges trails with our whole crew. Ivy and Madison barked at every dog that walked past us (which happened about every 25 seconds because everyone brings their dogs to CB) and it embarrassed us so much. They pretty much ruined what we hoped to be a nice, peaceful nature walk and made us wrap it up early. Thanks girls. We're never taking you back.

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  1. My little niece Lilly loves bubbles. There's nothing cuter than a toddler blowing bubbles!