Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Busy Days

My Tuesday is coming to an end. I'm about to hop in bed and call it a day which I'm looking forward to since I don't think I've sat down once these last two days. It's been a 90 to nothing kind of week so far which is nice in a way because I feel like I've gotten a lot accomplished but it's also so exhausting. I like having my evenings where I just sit on my sofa with my crystal light and watch my shows. I've been working on getting Bennett's room decorated this week so I've been running all over town trying to find items to make his room cute, cozy and sweet. While I was out today I decided to pop in a new(ish) children's clothing boutique in downtown Bentonville called Southern Style. Umm, I was in heaven. If you live in the area or are visiting the area it's a must see. The clothes are very preppy, smocked, and southern which I adore and the way the store is decorated is precious. I feel like Southern Living needs to come down and do a story on it, for real. It's a dream.
These three, three year olds are about to have a big week! Grace turns four tomorrow and Ivy and Madison will celebrate their fourth birthday next week. I can't believe my girls are four yet in some ways it feels like they've been a part of my life and heart for forever. I love these girls.
The oh so important task of picking out what books to read every night. He gets to choose 4 or 5 and he always puts his finger to his lips and says "hmmmm" while he carefully debates his options. And yes, my almost two year old still wears his sleep sack to bed every single night. I worry that he gets cold! Plus, he's just like his Momma and loves to curl up with a blanket so I have to imagine that he appreciates having a "blanket" to wear to bed every night. The sleep sacks will soon come to and end though because I think we may transition Campbell to his toddler bed sometime in the next few weeks. We're nervous to do it but I keep reminding myself that we can always revert his toddler bed back into his crib if it doesn't work out. I just feel like it's time for a big boy change for Campbell and it's either a toddler bed or potty training and the toddler bed seems like the easier option for now! Wish us luck!

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