Saturday, March 26, 2016

Campbell Is Two!

Our precious peanut is two years old today. My how time has flown! I can't believe I have a two year old. Campbell is the best little toddler who brings us so much joy. He is such a happy little boy who loves his people so well and shows it so sweetly.
I fall more in love with this boy every single day which seems impossible but it's true. He's my buddy. My sidekick. My mornings start out with his excitement to see me "Hi Momma!" and my night ends with family hugs and kisses all around. And Campbell always shoves mine and Scott's faces together to make us kiss one another before bed every night. He always smiles so big and it makes Scott and I giggle every time. He loves that his Mommy and Daddy love each other.
I've said this so many times before but the best word to describe Campbell is sweet. He is the sweetest little boy. All of the ladies who work at MDO always comment to me about how sweet Campbell is and how happy he always is. They never believe me when I tell them that he was a very unhappy baby who cried all the time!! Campbell is such a great toddler and is definitely making up for those rough baby months (all 10 of them).

During Campbell's first year, I did monthly status updates on him. I'm going to do some two year stats just so I'll always remember and be able to have for my records.

Weight: 28 pounds

Sleep: Campbell goes to bed at 8:00 every night and sleeps until about 8:00 the next morning. He still sleeps in his crib, in a sleep sack, with two blankets, a big pillow and 3 of his lovies. He also takes a two(ish) hour nap from around 1:00-3:00. Campbell is so content in his crib and has never once attempted to climb out. He will happily and silently lay in his crib until I get him. Sometimes this can be a problem since he's my alarm clock and I wait on him to start talking to himself to wake me up. He's laid in his crib many times until 9:30 in the morning because he didn't make any noise for me to know he was awake!! I always feel so bad when that happens but he never seems to mind! Whoops! I had plans of moving him to a toddler bed soon but just this week I've decided to leave him in his crib for now. He loves it so why change it.

Eat: Campbell is slowly turning into a picky toddler. I knew the day would come and here we are. It's not terrible but he definitely won't gobble up anything I throw on his high chair tray anymore. I'm glad that Campbell will always at least try anything but we stay somewhat limited to a few certain foods. Without a doubt Campbell's favorite food is applesauce. The kid has about 4 applesauce pouches a day and would have quadruple that if I let him. He also loves all fruit (especially blueberries), yogurt, cereal, cheese, quiche, pb&j's, Cracker Barrel (carrots and hashbrown casserole + biscuits = his favorite meal), cheese quesadillas, a bowtie pasta with carrots, peas, corn and red peppers, sweet potatoes, and casseroles. Those are kind of our go-to's.

Clothes: Campbell just moved up to size 18-24 month clothes in baby gap and 12-18 month clothes in toddler gap. He wears size 24 month jon jon's, size 5 shoes, and I'm about to stick him in size 2T Kickee Pants.

Diapers: Campbell is still in diapers and I really have no idea when we'll start potty training him. He definitely is understanding the concept of going potty and will let me know when he's gone if I ask. We've bought a potty for him but he mostly just likes sitting on it and hasn't actually used it yet. A few times he's let me know when he's about to go potty so I think we're getting there and I'm hoping that before the summer is over he'll be potty trained. For now, we're sticking with size 5 pampers cruisers and size 5 pampers baby dry at night.

Likes: Applesauce, PJ Masks, playing outside, Ivy and Madison, cuddling with Momma, bubbles, pushing buttons, curling up in clean, warm laundry (haha!), stacking blocks, Mothers Day Out, dogs, balloons, the Amazeum and music.

Happy 2nd Birthday Campbell! We cannot imagine our world without your sweet presence in it. You brighten each day and bring more joy to our lives than you could possibly imagine. We love you!

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