Monday, March 28, 2016

Campbell's 2nd Birthday Party

Campbell turned two on Saturday and we had a fun party to celebrate him! The theme was a Puppy Party because Campbell is so in love with dogs it seemed only fitting to throw him a doggy themed party. We had family and friends over to our house to help celebrate with us and Campbell had a blast! He had a smile on his face the entire time and it made my heart so happy that he enjoyed his party so much.
I adored Campbell's cake and thought it turned out so cute! It tasted pretty delicious as well!!
I catered Chick Fil A which made the party food prep pretty easy! I had some stickers done for the cups and also the little juice boxes and they were super cute! It added a fun little touch to the puppy party theme.
Our sweet family and friends spoiled Campbell. He has more toys than he knows what to do with!!
My wishes came true and Mother Nature provided us with the most gorgeous day! Since the weather was so perfect we had the party outside. We actually have a small little bounce house and all of the kids had so much fun playing in it. We also had some other toys set up for them to play with, a kids table filled with bone shaped crayons and puppy dog coloring pages, and a bubble machine and they all loved it! Giggles and big smiles all day. It made me so happy!!
Campbell blew out the candles on his birthday cake (and wanted to do it again and again) then we continued playing outside until it was time for all of the little kiddos to go home and get ready for bed. We were having so much fun playing outside that we forgot to take the time to open presents in front of everyone so we saved it for later that evening with just family and Campbell was so excited about all of his fun new gifts!!
Overall, such a fun, special day celebrating our little boy! He had the best time at his birthday party and it made me so, so happy. Campbell is such a happy little boy and he's surrounded with so many sweet people that love him and enjoyed celebrating him with us! A great and memorable 2nd birthday for our special little birthday boy!

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