Monday, March 14, 2016

Campbell's First Music Program

Today was such a fun day! Campbell had his very first music program at his MDO. I didn't even know they did anything like that at his school but we were informed a few weeks ago that they have been working on their songs and would be performing them for all of the parents today. Scott and I have been looking forward to it since we found out about it! We made sure the batteries on all of our filming devices were charged and ready to capture our little guys performance.
We all rode together this morning and after we dropped Campbell off, Scott and I went into the Family Center of our church to grab our seats. Note to self: arrive early next time. I wasn't expecting it to be so packed and thankfully we were able to snag what I'm pretty sure were the last seats left. Every class in the entire MDO program performed and all of the parents and grandparents were there to watch so the house was packed. When the first class walked in to do their song, I started crying and I'm not even kidding. I was so embarrassed by myself. I wanted to quickly pull it together before Campbell came on + I didn't want anyone to see me!! I just got so overwhelmed that I was a parent with a baby who was performing in a program. It seems like yesterday that I was doing the school programs myself!! Plus I'm pregnant so I think that had something to do with my emotional state.
Each class did two songs starting with the youngest class first so Campbell's class was the third to go. When they all walked out on stage, I scooted to the very front and sat on the floor so I could film Campbell with both my real video camera and my iPhone video camera because of course. Scott was on camera duty.
Once all of the kiddos walked in, they took their spot on the floor and got ready to perform.
I love that one of his teachers pulled those fingers out of his mouth right before the music started. Haha!
Campbell did such a great job! You never know what to expect but Scott and I were both so proud. He did all of the motions to the songs right when he was supposed to! It was maybe the cutest thing I've ever seen. His entire class was adorable and I couldn't have loved watching Campbell's performance more if I tried. I'm so thankful his MDO put this on because all of the parents were clearly so happy and proud to be there. It was such a fun moment for Scott and I! We love our sweet peanut and all of the excitement he brings to our lives!!!

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