Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ivy and Madison Turn Four!

Today is Ivy and Madison's 4th birthday!! Another wonderful year with our sweet girls that we love and adore.
These sisters are such a delight. Scott and I always get the biggest kick out of them. Madison and Ivy are such loving little girls. They're loyal to their family but most of all, loyal to one another. Watching their sweet sister bond over these last four years has been such a neat thing for me. I never knew that two dogs could love one another the way these two do. They are absolutely one anothers everything although they get in fights almost daily and it always leaves us shaking our heads. They are a mess and it's so fun to just watch them live their little lives.
They come when you call their name of course but they also come running when we call out "girls!!" They are our girls indeed and make our world so much brighter. We cannot imagine life without our girls and it's such a pleasure to love them.
Happy 4th Birthday to our twin girls! We love you to the moon and back but I don't think we even have to say that to you because you two know how special and important you are to us. Thank you for enriching our lives, giving us laughs, your sweet nighttime snuggles, and making everything about our world so much more entertaining. I can't imagine life without my Madison and little Ivy. XOXO.

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