Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday Ramblings

We are spending the majority of our day bundled up inside. Why is it freezing suddenly? I have a lot to do around the house so I'm taking advantage of the not so nice weather by choosing to stay home and get things done around here. Lots of laundry, a little organizing, doing a few things to get ready for Campbell's party, and bit of cleaning will keep me occupied today.
This morning I was getting dressed and looked over to find Campbell all comfy. It really tickled me! I wish I could climb on top of a bunch of pillows and watch my favorite show like that. Campbell has on his elephant house slippers because he is obsessed with them. He loves wearing them and if someone comes over and he has them on, he runs over to them and lifts his foot up to show them his elephant shoes. They are stinking adorable and they stay on his feet so great. I got them at Restoration Hardware if anyone is in the market for some cute house slippers for their kiddos. The link is HERE if you want to check them out!!
I popped in Gap yesterday because the maternity section of our Gap is closing (such a bummer!) so they're having a major sale right now. Everything is on sale + 60% off the sale price. I got 2 pairs of jean shorts, 2 shirts, and one tank for crazy cheap. If you live in the NWA area and are in need of some maternity clothes you should definitely pop in there! I don't have much longer to go and I honestly never really buy anything maternity other than jeans but these were such a good deal I couldn't pass it up! Plus, these tops will totally work when I'm not pregnant so really it's a win, win!
Also, lets just talk about the process of trying on clothes with your toddler and their stroller in the dressing room. #momlife

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