Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bennett's Nursery

Welcome to Bennett's nursery! This room is all set and ready to go. Now all we need is a tiny little boy to come and live in it! I had a lot of fun decorating Bennett's nursery. I knew the look I would want to go with very early into my pregnancy. Once you find out you're pregnant isn't one of the first things you start doing is looking at nursery inspiration? Or is that just me? I wanted something different from Campbell's nursery (you can check out his room HERE) but I also wanted them to coordinate in a way and not be too totally different from one another. I've always loved the Restoration Hardware Baby & Child look. It's what we did for Campbell and I knew I would want to do the same for Bennett.
Bennett has a fun and colorful room! I didn't want to get too theme-y but as you can see, trains play a big role here. I adored the train art from RH and the whole vintage feel of them so I decided to run with it and decorate the room around these prints.
I ended up going to a local flea market to find most of the accessories for Bennett's bookshelves. That ended up being my favorite part of the whole decorating process! It was so fun searching for vintage goods to fill up the space. I could spend hours in a flea market. There's so many neat and interesting items.
I ordered the art above the crib from Bassett and I scored the rug at HomeGoods for a ridiculously good price. I put Scott in charge of lighting and he found the sputnik chandelier which I think is really fun, especially with the Edison bulbs in it. The railroad sign is from RH and it lights up which I think is neat! Pretty much everything else is from RH as well.
All of those blankets used to be rolled up in a basket in Campbell's room. He obviously doesn't need them anymore and I found it to be super convenient to store the blankets like that so I decided to just move them over to Bennett's room. Campbell's basket is now filled with lovies and I like how it looks so much that I decided to do the same in Bennett's room. I think plush animals in baby's rooms are so sweet and are an easy way to decorate.
We still use Campbell's glider every day so I wanted to get a separate chair for Bennett. I ordered this rocker from a local baby boutique and I love how it turned out. I'm really hoping I didn't make a mistake by picking a cream fabric though! It's performance velvet which holds up well so we'll see. Sometimes I forget to be practical and tend to go for pretty instead. Whoops! The rocker is very soft and comfy and I'm looking forward to rocking my baby boy in it.
So there it is--Baby Bennett's little room! I hope he loves it as much as I do. It won't be long before he gets to live in it and I can't wait for that moment where I get to bring him in here for the first time.


  1. This looks so good! Come decorate Clara's now...pretty please :)

    1. Thanks girl! I bet yours will look awesome! Love your kitchen!!