Thursday, April 7, 2016


Today was my day off (otherwise known as my MDO day) and it was truly enjoyable. Sometimes my MDO days are so full of errands and I'm rushing around that it's almost stressful to try to squeeze in everything I need to do. Then I have days like today where there's nothing on the agenda and I can take my sweet time doing whatever I please. I prefer the days like today.
I had plans to meet up with a friend for lunch on the square today. I arrived a little early so I decided to just sit on a bench and take in this view. I'm honestly not sure if I could love the Bentonville square more if I tried. It's so beautiful and one of my favorite things about my town. The weather was perfection and my surroundings were not only gorgeous but also so quiet and peaceful. It was one of those moments where I just soaked it in and enjoyed.
I met up with my friend and we had lunch at a food truck (yum! I want to go back tomorrow) then I spent the rest of my time off at the mall shopping for things I don't need.
In other news, I walked into Bennett's closet the other day to this sight. It cracked me up and gave me a major flashback seeing Campbell in that carrier. Apparently he's been wondering where his old baby toys have been. Also, we had Campbell's two year doctor appointment yesterday. Campbell weighed 28.4 pounds (52%) and is 34.8 inches tall (57%). Our little man seems to be on the right track for everything developmentally and we are oh so thankful for that! I mean, he's a little loud and talks a touch too much but you know, what are you gonna do.
And I felt the need to document this for my own sake. This is an 8 month pregnant woman in a desperate attempt to help her back feel better. My back is torturing me. Seriously, the pain feels like absolute torture. I send my poor husband out on missions to buy every contraption I can think of that may help it. I remembered from the days of yore when I had time to do things like go to yoga classes that a yoga roller used to feel so good on my back. So Scott went out and got me one. It definitely does feel good rolling my back on it but there's this bump on my stomach that makes it awkward and a little hard to do. Today I went to Target and loaded up on Icy Hot patches so I guess I'll give that a try. Anyone out there have any good tips or tricks? I'm willing to try anything.

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