Thursday, June 30, 2016

Baby Chiropractor

I took Bennett to a chiropractor today. He suffers from reflux. It isn't terrible and it doesn't seem to bother him although I do have him on medicine for it just in case it is bothering him. The main reason I wanted to take him to the chiropractor was to see if it could help with his spitting up. It's not near as bad as Campbell's spit up was but he still spits up and there is nothing that bothers me more. I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed to not have a baby that spit up again. Right when I found out I was pregnant with Bennett, I texted my doctor and asked her if there was anything at all that I possibly did while pregnant with Campbell to cause his horrible spit up because if there was I wanted to avoid it at all costs with my second pregnancy. She said no. I asked my pediatrician the same question and he said there was nothing I could do to prevent it. So I just prayed. And asked Scott and everyone else in my family to pray because I did not want to go through the spit up again.
My pediatrician told me that if he were to have reflux/spit up, it would happen sometime within the first 6 weeks. For 3 weeks there was nothing and I was soooo happy. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere Bennett started spitting up. And I literally bawled my eyes out the first few times it happened because I knew what was about to be my life for the next almost year. And seriously? It's the only thing I prayed for. Ugh!
I'm willing to explore any avenue I can to try to help with the spit up. I've already completely cut out caffeine and it does seem to help. I actually thought that was the answer at first because the spitting up stopped for a bit. But then it picked up again (not every feeding and sometimes it's not that much but sometimes it is) so it was time for me to take the next step (I'd prefer to not have to avoid dairy for now because that just seems to hard!). I'd heard of taking babies to chiropractors for reflux so I booked an appointment and we went today.
It was such a neat experience. They don't adjust babies like they do adults. She just had him lay on her table and she applied all of these pressure points. When Bennett was first laying on the table, he was all curled and scrunched up the way babies do. By the time she was done applying all of the pressure points on him, he was flat as a board and the most relaxed I've ever seen him! It really tickled me. She said that he was really off and his "treatment" should get everything aligned and on the right track and hopefully it will help with his reflux. I'm going to start seeing her twice a week for the next few weeks just to see if it makes a difference. I could already tell that he seemed more comfortable and relaxed (which is hard to even believe since he's already such a chill little guy) so that alone was worth it to me! He seemed to just feel better and be more comfortable the rest of the day. He has recently been crying any time the paci falls out while he's awake and he didn't do that at all today after he saw her. He just laid around, all content and didn't need to suck on that paci his whole wake time. I'm interested to see how this all goes and I'll give you guys an update in a few weeks to let you know! So far, I'm a believer!


  1. One of our best friends just opened up his chiropractic clinic here in LR and we are gonna start taking the girls. Glad to read about this!! I'm taking Caroline soon!

    1. It was a very interesting experience. I'm looking forward to going back just to see what happens. I wish I had known about this when Campbell was a baby because I really think it could have helped his gas and colic issues. Bennett is still spitting up, and I'm not sure if it will really even help with that, but it was very interesting to see how relaxed he got after she did those pressure points.

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