Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sweet Brothers

We have had a very boring Tuesday. Although I guess I should think of it as our new normal....for now anyways. We didn't leave the house all day and I finally managed to get all of us out of our pajamas after lunch. It's just hard to do much of anything these days. If I'm not taking care of one kiddo, I'm taking care of the other.
I did manage to get a sweet photo of my boys together this morning! Actually I got three sweet ones and I couldn't decide which one was my favorite.
Campbell LOVES to hold Bennett and it's actually been over a week or so since he's held him so he seemed extra excited about it today. It's just so cute to see Campbell get a big grin on his face and hold his little arms out with such excitement. I've got to get it on video soon!! It melts me.
I don't have much to report since I've done nothing today except change diapers and feed little people. I did think this was fun though.....
I put Bennett in this outfit today and remembered I had a photo of Campbell in the exact same outfit. I snapped a photo of Bennett then made this comparison pic and I chuckled because seriously? Campbell is on the left and Bennett is on the right. I sent the photo to my parents and didn't say anything just to see what they would say. My Dad thought it was Bennett in both pictures. Ha! But really though, they're twins y'all! So crazy.

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