Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Big Boy Bed

Tonight is Campbell's first night in his big boy bed!!
Scott and I set it up together while Campbell was in the playroom and when he came in his room and saw his "new" bed he got SO excited! He ran and jumped in it and had the biggest smile on his face. At first Scott and I were like "yeah this isn't going to work" because he kept getting up and down and up and down. But when it was time for bed we tucked Campbell in and explained to him that he had to stay in his bed until we came and got him. We turned his lights off, said good night, then ran and got the monitor to see what he was doing!! I was pleasantly surprised to see him lay there so sweet and still just like he always does! He was asleep within five minutes.
Nighttime isn't what I'm nervous about. It's naps! Campbell sleeps like a rock at night for 11 solid hours and has since he was an itty bitty little thing so I'm not concerned about that. Naps are more questionable. Campbell takes a 2 hour nap every day but sometimes I put him in his bed kicking and screaming because he wants to keep playing instead of take a nap. He typically falls asleep really quickly but I'm worried that he's just going to leap right out of his bed and I'll have to keep putting him back in it. We'll see! He could surprise me and do awesome! Or we may have to turn it back into a crib tomorrow. Which is why we kept one side of the crib rails up just in case!
I asked Scott if it made him sad that Campbell wasn't in his crib anymore. He thought about it for a second and said "no. I'm excited that he's a big boy!" Aw. Yeah....I guess so! Campbell's room looks cute with his "new" toddler bed and my little toddler looks pretty cute snuggled up in his bed like a big boy. I'll be so proud of him if he does good! I'll keep you all updated!

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