Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Stroller Rave

I have so many photos from the weekend that I want to share so bare with me because this week's posts are going to be full of red white and blue!! I don't have much to talk about today because the weekends festivities wore. me. out. I woke up exhausted with very little patience this morning (my bad) but it was all worth it because we had fun and created a lot of memories.
I know I've mentioned this before but I thought I'd take a minute to talk about how much I love my UPPAbaby Vista. I use it almost daily and I've especially loved being able to use the bassinet for Bennett. That's what he slept in basically the whole day yesterday and I feel like we wouldn't have been able to participate in the festivities as much if we didn't have it. He actually sleeps really great in it (Bennett loves being flat, always has!) and we have a little clip on fan that we use so he stays nice and cool. It's been so awesome and I told Scott the other day that the Vista has made it to where I've really been able to enjoy doing things with Campbell while Bennett can still take good nap.
If anyone is in the market for an awesome stroller, I can't say enough good things about UPPAbaby! I still have my Cruz single stroller and I actually use it quite a bit still. It's lighter so it's nice to take Campbell around in it if I decide to wear Bennett in my wrap. Or if Campbell is at MDO I'll use the Cruz and click Bennett's carrier in it. Everyone I know who has the UPPAbaby raves about it so it's not just me who has an obsession!
I'm so sentimental about my strollers that I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to part with them. I know a lot of people sell their stuff once they don't use it anymore but I don't know if  I'll ever be able to!! I don't usually have a hard time parting with items but these are special and hold a lot of memories. #strollermom

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