Monday, August 22, 2016

Back To School

Campbell had his first day of Mother's Day Out today!!
When I got him out of bed this morning I said "Campbell do you want to go to school today?!" and he said "No Momma." Umm, what? Campbell always wants to go to school. I think he was just wishing he was still asleep. I mean, I always feel that way when I first wake up. I scooped him up, fed him breakfast and got him ready for his big day.
By the time we pulled into the parking lot Campbell changed his mind about school. He was so ready to get to his classroom that he ran into it on his own while I was trying to check him in. I got his nap mat, back pack and lunch all situated, told my little peanut goodbye and went on my way. Campbell didn't even care or notice that I left....or even have time to say bye to me but whatever.
I spent my day going to Homegoods, PetSmart and TJ Maxx. Before I knew it, it was time for pickup!
Campbell had a great first day! He made an itsy bitsy spider craft, took a good nap, ate a bite of the cheese and black bean quesadilla I made him this morning, and had a great time playing with all of his little friends! I'm excited for Campbell that he's back at school, has a little more routine to his week, and at a place that he loves so much! It's going to be a great year!

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