Thursday, August 11, 2016

Catch Ups

I feel like I haven't had a catch up post in a while so I thought I'd do that today!
This past weekend we went to Little Rock to visit my family. We had a car full of kiddos!
We left early Saturday morning and stayed until Monday. The boys did great on the car ride down! As long as Campbell has some good shows and a few snacks he's good. Bennett slept most of the way. We had to stop halfway to feed him and I had to reach back to insert the paci a few times. The girls always just snooze in our laps and sometimes Madison gets in the backseat between the boys to take a comfy nap! Overall it was pretty smooth sailing! I would never attempt it alone though. We had a fun weekend in Little Rock. It was nice to getaway and have a change of scenery.
We have one more full week home before Mothers Day Out starts back. I'm ready! I just feel like I can't go anywhere these days. It's SO hard to get out of the house with two kiddos. Campbell doesn't like being my errand buddy anymore and quickly loses his patience. I did manage to take both kiddos to First Friday on the Bentonville square all by myself. Scott had a late meeting and I didn't want to sit home alone. We had a nice time strolling around and it was something fun to do.
Campbell's cowboy obsession continues to run strong. I laid him down for a nap and went to check on him at one point. Those cowboy boots weren't there when I left him! It really tickled me to see this. I'm hoping he's still in the cowboy phase by the time his 3rd birthday rolls around. I've seen some super cute cowboy party ideas on Pinterest. When you're home with little ones day in and day out, you explore any and all things on Pinterest even when it's stuff you don't need to worry about for 7 months.
I'm a pretty strict Momma when it comes to our schedule and don't offer much flexibility when it comes to our routine. All sleep must be in our own rooms and our own beds. However, baby Bennett is just so snuggly!! And since Campbell was asleep in his room and I had nothing else to do, I decided to let my sweet baby take his nap on me while I watched Harry Potter. It was totally worth breaking the rules for. I had to resist kissing him over and over for fear of waking him up! I'm soaking these baby moments up so much more than I did with Campbell. I just know all too well how fast it goes. I keep looking at Bennett knowing that by this time next year he's going to be walking around and destroying my house with his messes! Agh! They change so much that first year so I'm trying to appreciate each sweet moment along the way.

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