Thursday, August 18, 2016

Meet and Greet

Today was open house for Mothers Day Out. We got to meet our teachers and check out our classrooms and it was so fun! Campbell will be in the same class with a lot of the same kids that were in his class last year. We're already familiar with one of his teachers so that's nice. I know Campbell will be SO excited to get back to school and have something fun to look forward to every week.
I've actually decided to put Bennett in MDO this year too. I know the lady who watches the little ones and she is so, so wonderful. I have so much faith in her taking care of my sweet angel and since there was availability for him, I went for it. Bennett will go twice a week just like Campbell and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited for some me time finally. I know both of my boys are in THE best hands and I love all of the women who work at our MDO so much. Not just the teachers but everyone involved. It's a great environment and I'm excited to get back into a routine of going again.
I had a special little treat today! Scott told me to leave the boys with him and go and get a massage. What? He didn't have to ask me twice. I picked up the phone immediately and booked an appointment. It was the best. thing. ever. I didn't want to leave. I basked in my hour and a half of pure luxury and enjoyed it thoroughly.
Until tomorrow....

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