Friday, August 26, 2016

Pet Vet

Whew. What a day. I woke up this morning with the decision that I was not going to stay inside my house all day long. I wanted to go to Target and I also had to take the girls to the vet for their annual check up. Target was good. I pushed one of those jumbo carts for the first time because Campbell wanted to sit in it. I got tickled and wish I had a photo of me pushing that big ol' thing. I'm not gonna lie though it was kind of nice. I felt bad that I only had 1 kid in the seats instead of two but I definitely had more room for my target goodies and a spot for my purse After Target I had lunch with the myself. Too hard. Too hard! Campbell decided mid meal he needed to go to the potty so that was fun. I keep attempting to get out of the house thinking I'll do better next time but I don't! There has to be some kind of trick I haven't figured out yet. I mean, I can't be home bound until Bennett is 4 so what's the secret to getting out of the house with two kids?
Scott tried to tell me not to do it but I took the boys with me to the girls appointment. Scott had a meeting and I've been needing to get them in and I just didn't feel like waiting any longer so I went for it. All was good at first. They gave Campbell a dog coloring book to color and Bennett just slept. The girls hid out in their crate hoping nobody would notice they were in there.
Ivy weighs 8 pounds, 9 ounces and Madison is 9 pounds, 8 ounces! Madison needs to start going for walks because she is a solid pound overweight. Oops! She doesn't look it so I was surprised to see her "large" number but it's time to make my super active, toy loving, ball fetching pup even more active....if that's even possible at all. Madison tried to tell me she's all muscle but I'm not so sure.
I have no idea what happened after the weight checks because my perfect baby angel who never makes a peep woke up from his car seat nap and was not happy about it. He cried and cried and wouldn't stop! I held and bounced him while trying my hardest to have a conversation with the vet before I finally just gave up, threw my credit card at them and busted out of there. I was so frazzled and was so sure I was going to end my evening with a glass of wine but #breastfeedingproblems. I went for a long run instead. I have some medicine that I'm supposed to give Madison and I have zero idea what it's for. Not a clue. I do know that the girls tests came back great though and I'm so thankful for my healthy little nuggets. And I'm also 100% positive I will never take them to the vet with their brothers in tote ever again.
Overall, crazy mom day. I'm just not so graceful with 2 (at one point 4ish) kids. So glad it's the weekend! I need it.

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