Monday, August 1, 2016

Potty Training Campbell

Hey all! I spent a long weekend at home potty training Campbell. I was totally dreading it but knew I had to do it some day and this seemed like the best time for us. As I said last week, I went with the 3 day naked method and I thought I'd give a little update on what I thought about it and how Campbell responded to it.
I woke up Thursday morning knowing this was going to be my life for the weekend so I got in the right mindset and decided to go all in and do my best not to get frazzled. I decided to just block Campbell in our playroom. I potty proofed the floors laying quilts and beach towels down everywhere. I laid blankets on my sofa, set a portable potty in the room, took the diaper off Campbell and parked myself in there for the rest of the day. Campbell picked it up instantly. He loved going on the potty so much that I think he went about 40 times that day and I'm not even kidding. I didn't offer him any treats as rewards. Just clapped and cheered and that's it. We had zero accidents and I went to bed feeling pretty awesome about how our day went.
Since Campbell did so good the first day, and I was tired of looking at a naked toddler, I decided he could handle wearing underwear on day two. Wrong. He had 4 accidents before 10 am. I was so disappointed! I took the undies off and went back to how we were on day 1 with the exception of taking him to the actual potty instead of letting him use the portable one. Later that evening it's like everything clicked for him and I think he finally got it. At one point Scott and I couldn't find Campbell and when we went to look for him, he was sitting on the big potty all by himself using the bathroom! So proud.
By Saturday morning we felt pretty solid. We put some undies back on Campbell and let him cuddle with us in bed while he watched his shows. He did great the rest of the day and has ever since! I can't believe it. I don't feel confident in taking him out in public yet but maybe by the end of the week I will. I'm sure we'll have some accidents here and there but I really think Campbell's got the hang of this. Overall, it wasn't nearly as bad as I anticipated it being. I'm glad we've gotten the process started and while diapers are easy in a lot of ways, this is easier in its own little way. Hopefully we can get out of the house later in the week but for now I'm staying put with my little naked cowboy.


  1. That is so awesome you are having so much success with him so quick. I went through potty training He&% with my son and it was soooo much easier with my daughter. Course this was years ago before the naked training idea ever surfaced.

    1. I was dreading it so much and I can't believe how well he's done! Like I said I still feel pretty trapped at home. I don't want to mess with public restrooms yet. Ugh! But with a new baby in the house we never go anywhere anyway! 😂

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