Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Back Where I Come From

Hey all! I was a little under the weather yesterday and pretty much laid in bed all day. I had a plugged duct that was in the beginning stages of mastitis and it. was. awful. I woke up feeling horrible and at one point while I was trying to work it out, I fainted!! It was so painful that it literally made me pass out. The last thing I remember was feeling light headed so I started reaching to turn my pump off and the next thing I knew I woke up folded over on the floor with my head ringing. I'm not kidding when I say that my first hazy thought was "did my milk spill everywhere?" because #liquidgold
I called Scott to tell him what happened and he told me later that I sounded completely out of it but thankfully he got home quickly and I was able to just rest the remainder of the day. My doctor prescribed me some medicine and I woke up this morning feeling SO much better. Umm...I hope I never experience that again. I never had anything like that happen with Campbell so I was honestly kind of surprised that it happened to me. I don't know why. I guess I just figured maybe I wasn't prone to stuff like that. Now I'm worried it will happen again which terrifies me because yikes it's extremely painful. Obviously. I passed out.
Before my dramatic Monday took place, I spent the previous few days at my parents house in Little Rock. This was my Sunday morning view and I soaked it up. It was so pretty and peaceful and the weather was absolutely perfect. Scott put the icing on the cake by going to Krispy Kreme and getting some donuts because I mentioned that I was craving one (or two).
The reason we went south was for a family reunion in my hometown. I haven't been back to my hometown in over 5 years and I didn't really even actually go into the town. My family lives right on the outskirts so we popped in and popped out. I was hoping to have time to drive around since it's been so long but with the two boys and their naps/sleeping we just didn't have time.
The rest of our weekend was spent at my parents house swimming! Bennett just hung out in his chair and watched. Cutie. It was a quick weekend and so much of our time was spent on the road. We had talked about taking a last minute trip to Destin and leaving to go this Saturday. But after that drive, I changed my mind. The boys did great but ugh. I just don't like being in a car for that long!! Time to come up with family vacation plan B.


  1. I'm sure you didn't miss much not exploring downtown El Do, HA!

    1. Ha true!! Although Scott has been wanting to try Minute Man hold not just for the burgers but the excellent customer service I've been telling him about! 😂😂😂