Sunday, September 4, 2016

Long Weekend, Sweet Memories

We are having a really nice long weekend thus far. We took the boys to the zoo yesterday (more on that later!) and after church we spent the rest of our day at the pool! I'm trying to take advantage of the pool as much as I can because it's only going to be open for a couple more weeks and I am always so sad when it closes!! We're planning on spending our day at the pool tomorrow as long as the weather cooperates. If it doesn't we'll make other plans none of which consist of staying inside. I love long weekends and getting out of the house with my family, making memories.
Speaking of memories, I will forever remember this little outfit of Bennett's as one of my favorites he ever wore. I finally got some photos of him in it after church today. I think it's just way too adorable and I'm hoping to get the chance to wear it a few more times before we have to forever say goodbye to wearing this sweet, smocked bubble

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