Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Beginning Of September

This sweet little angel will be 4 months old in just a few days and I can't believe it! Bennett is just the sweetest little love muffin and I love cuddling him. I'm almost always holding him during his waking hours and I have to remind myself to put him on the floor to work on tummy time and rolling over. He just likes to chill in my lap while we watch big brother play and if he's not in my lap he likes to hang out in his swing and just look around.
I think Bennett is going to be even smaller than Campbell was if you can even believe it. I took him to the doctor last Thursday and he weighed just 11 pounds and 4 ounces which puts him in the 1st percentile. He's our peanut 2.0!! I'm looking forward to his next weight check when we go back for our 4 month appointment next week. He looks so skinny to me but I also think his height is really soaring so maybe that has something to do with it. I'm not stressed because I know I just have small babies but man I'd love a little bit of a roll somewhere even if it was just a tiny one! I always joke that I make a lot of milk but my milk is straight skim. I was hoping for 2% this time around but it's not happening.
Bennett is seeming so much more baby and a lot less newborn these days. He no longer sleeps in a swaddle, he gets his little legs moving so much when he's in his swing that it makes him sink down in the seat, he follows people with his eyes and still gives the biggest grins and cutest giggles. I find myself loving this age so much and it makes me sad to think about him getting bigger!! He's just so precious. And Campbell still loves his little brother SO much. He calls him "bubba" and loves giving him kisses. It's just so sweet to watch and even though I sometimes wish time would slow down, I also can't wait until Bennett is older so he and Campbell can play together. I know it will just melt me once they start doing that and I look forward to it so much!

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