Monday, September 19, 2016

The Second Time Around

I officially have an obsession with wearing my baby. I've always loved it but each time I wear Bennett I love it more and more. I wish I had done this with Campbell because it sure does make things easier sometimes. It makes me wonder if he would have been less fussy too. I think the trick is finding what type of baby wearing gear you like and for me, I love Solly Baby. They released their new fall line last week and I ordered a couple more wraps. They came in the mail today and I'm obsessed with the colors and can't wait to break them in!!
I shared this photo on my Instagram (@kara2lou) a few weeks ago but I wanted to put it on here as well since this little space is like my diary....that I let everyone read ha! I just absolutely love this photo that Scott captured of us one afternoon. My tiny little nugget all snuggled into me just melts my heart. I hope that one day Bennett loves this photo as much as I do. I'm sure he'll find it so hard to believe that he was ever so small that I could wear him around like this!!
I'm sure I'll find it hard to believe one day as well. But let's not think about that. Because this stage of life I'm in right now is the best. Life is crazy and most nights I don't get to crawl in bed until after 11:00 because it's basically impossible to do anything during the day but keep my eyes on my kiddos. That's okay though. Sleep is less important than it used to be and I'm learning to just not worry about all of the stuff on my to-do list. Life moves slow and the day to day is a little ordinary at times but it's exactly how I want it to be right now. Something about being a second time mom has changed me. Everyone told me that it's so much better the second time around (unless you have a fussy baby I guess!!) and I totally get it. You feel so confident in everything you do and it's not such a huge life adjustment like it was the first time. You just add another little person into your family and you get to enjoy their precious baby-ness while you also get to enjoy your funny toddler who makes you laugh and smile daily. It's just the best. Everyone tells me it just keeps getting better and I can see that. But I sure do love this stage and I'm soaking it up as much as I can.

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