Monday, October 10, 2016

Cute Cousins

We had such a fun weekend! My parents came up for a visit and brought my niece, Avery, with them. Campbell and Avery are 9 months and 2 days apart in age and they have so much fun playing together. I think they know they're cousins and it's so cute to watch them together. Our weekend was all about making sure they had fun and I'm pretty sure we succeeded. There were lots of giggles and also really long naps from getting over stimulated. Haha!
I took this picture of Avery on Sunday morning and I love it so much. She was cuddled up on the sofa with her Minnie and her baby and she looked so sweet. She was also snuggled up in her bumpers which is her version of a comfort blanket and it tickles me so much! I love that she's chosen her bumpers as her lovie. I will always remember that about her!
The boys didn't have Mothers Day Out today and it was kind of nice to have an easy, slow morning. We usually only get slow mornings on Fridays so it was nice to have a break from the rush of getting out of the door. On our lazy mornings we all cuddle in my bed while Campbell watches TV and because of this I get to lay there and drink my hot cappuccino in peace. Today Campbell snuggled with Bennett while they watched Mickey Mouse together and it was so sweet. I just love watching this brother love. It makes my heart so happy!!

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