Thursday, October 20, 2016

Date Night & Bucket Swings

Last Saturday night Scott and I got to go on a much needed date night. I've said before how rare those are for us. We honestly enjoy spending our nights at home but every parent NEEDS a date night here and there. Since they're so rare for us, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner at Ruths Chris. The Razorback game was on TV so we thought it would be fun to sit in the bar, eat a nice meal and cheer our hogs on. When we arrived, we told the hostess our plan and she mentioned they had the game on in the patio area as well. It was such a beautiful evening so we opted to sit outside instead. It was wonderful! We had a perfect view of the TV, I sipped on the first glass of red wine I've had since I don't even know when, Scott and I shared a huge steak and we watched the Hogs play an awesome game. It was all just so perfect that I wanted to cry. Ha! Momma needed a break from life and thankfully, I got it!
Our week has been pretty typical. Busy, busy. I used to get bored a lot when it was just me and Campbell but with the addition of baby brother, there isn't much time to get bored. It's nice because my days go by fast but it's also completely exhausting. I've been trying to get a lot more done around the house during the day time. It's hard to do with two littles but I was always waiting until after they went to bed to do stuff but then I wasn't able to get in bed until 11:30 or 12:00 most nights. I've been able to get in bed around 10:30 this week and it felt good to be in bed "early."
Fridays are our most chill day of the week so I'm glad I get one tomorrow. We almost always eat Chick Fil A on Fridays. If I'm brave we eat in and if I'm not in the mood we do the drive through. This has somehow become a tradition the last year and a half or so. Campbell likes it and I do too. I'm sure Bennett will feel the same way about it before we know it!
Speaking of baby Bennett, he got to enjoy the bucket swing for the very first time yesterday! I wasn't sure if he would like it or not since he's kind of small for it but he just sat in there and chilled. It's so funny because the first time I put Campbell in the swing, I made sure to bring our comfy (and sanitary!) bucket swing cover. Ha. #SecondChildProblems
I'm glad the weekend starts tomorrow. How about you? Until then....

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