Monday, November 28, 2016

Freshly Picked Cyber Monday Sale

I've mentioned on here many, many times before how much I absolutely love Freshly Picked Moccs. I discovered them right when Campbell was born and I remember telling all of my friends about them. They were a fairly new brand at the time so not a ton of people had heard of their moccasins but it didn't take long for the entire world to take notice!!
The first pair I bought for Campbell was Weathered Brown. I loved them instantly and thus the obsession began! We have quite the collection now and my boys closets are full of all sizes and colors of Freshly Picked Moccs! They are our go-to shoe. I love how easy they are to slip on and they pull the boys outfits together perfectly. I get so many compliments on their moccs whenever we're out and about.
The color the boys are wearing in these photos is Greatest Snow On Earth. It's one of my favorite colors for my boys. It's a very light blue shade and they go with pretty much anything!
The quality of these shoes are wonderful. Bennett will be able to wear all of Campbell's old moccs because they look good as new! With the exception of the tiny little footprints on the soles, you would never know they had been worn. And oh how I love those footprints!!!
Freshly Picked is having an awesome Cyber Monday sale today! Two pairs of moccs for less than the price of one!!! Can't beat that! It's such a fun sale too. What they're going to do is have you pick the gender (girl or neutral) and the size. Freshly Picked will fill your bag with two pairs of moccasins and send it to you. So what you get will be a surprise, which I think is so much fun!! This special is only $55 so you better hop off here and log on to to place an order. They're also offering 25% off on select seasonal styles. It's basically impossible to pass up these deals!! When you get your moccs in, come back here, leave me a comment and tell me what colors they sent you!


  1. Hey random request: Would you mind doing an update on Campbell and potty training? I need to quit procrastinating with Miles, but I'm dreading it so much.


    1. I've actually had a lot of people ask me that! I'll do one soon!! 😊

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