Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Has anyone ever had the peach tranquility tea from Starbucks? It's heaven. I got started on it around this time last year when I was pregnant with Bennett. I wanted a warm, yummy beverage but I do my best to avoid caffeine that first trimester. I somehow stumbled upon this tea and I drink it all the time. I'm not really a hot tea kind of girl but this is special. I suggest you try it the next time you're at Starbucks!
We have this place in Northwest Arkansas called Crystal Bridges. You've probably heard of it. We go there a lot and last weekend Scott and I were there taking photos for some friends of ours. This wall art thing (I'm very refined when it comes to art) is outside by the trails and I've always thought it would make such a pretty photo backdrop. Before the family got there I suggested Scott snap a photo of me in front of it to see how it would turn out. He took one picture and this is what we got! I mean, who doesn't love a floral backdrop?
That's all I've got. Exciting stuff. Until tomorrow....

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