Monday, December 19, 2016

Run Run Rudolph

Today was one of those frantic holiday days. I feel like we all have at least one of those every Christmas season. The one where you're trying to do everything last minute in one day and nothing is going right. Traffic is horrible, you hit every red light and the kids aren't quite cooperating. The music from Home Alone where they're all running through the airport in a panic should have been in the background of my life today. Both of my parents called me while i was driving around town and apparently my "hello?" instantly resulted in a "what's wrong?" from both of them. I didn't even realize I sounded tired and exhausted but I guess I did. Needless to say, I survived today which is awesome because I wasn't sure if I would. I ended my day at Walmart of all places. Honestly, I never go to the Walmart super centers anymore. The neighborhood market is right by my house and if I need groceries that's where I go. But I decided after the boys went to bed that I would go to the big Walmart and I spent almost 2 hours there. I kept texting Scott photos of things I was finding and he finally said "you're having way too much fun in Walmart." Yep. Sure did!
I have a few photos on my phone that I haven't shared with you all so I thought I'd do that today!!
 This was Campbell on his last day of MDO before the Christmas break last week. It was freezing outside but I thought he looked cute so I snapped a super quick pic before heading inside. He never wears beanies anymore because he usually pulls them off. He knows when it's cold outside that they keep him warm so that's about the only time he'll tolerate them. I miss him in beanies. He lived in them his first winter and I loved it so much.
 Scott and I have planned for a long time that we would have a Christmas day date on the boys last day of MDO. He took off from work and we spent the entire day together. We ate a nice lunch and did some Christmas shopping. It was so fun! Who says dates have to be at night? We may have to do this more often.  
 I was getting dressed one morning and looked over to see that the boys were hugging. I grabbed my phone as quickly as I could to snap a picture of that sweetness. These two love each other. It melts my heart.  
 This is our last week to take advantage of Christmas clothes so you better believe we're all decked out in our holiday outfits all week long! This was Campbell's little Christmas plaid outfit. It's flannel on the inside. I feel like it has to be so warm and comfy! Bennett is wearing one of Campbell's old beanies too. It's been so much fun getting to wear all of this stuff again.
 If you're ever thinking to yourself "I wonder what Ivy and Madison are doing right now? (because why wouldn't you wonder that?) then here's your answer. This. They're always doing this. These two LOVE the fireplace.
Campbell has been saying that all he wants Santa to bring him is snow and a train table. On Saturday night he got his wish. It was just a little bit of snow but it was still exciting to him and to us too! We were so thrilled that Campbell got his snow wish!!

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